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Full Set

Classic $30
Classic with Dazzle Dry $40

Dazzle Dry is a healthy gel alternative! It gives you long-lasting chip-free wear without the damage, and without the harsh ingredients.  It is vegan and has never been tested on animals.

Gel $45
Gel removal with service $35
Gel X $70

A healthier option for nail extensions. As sturdy as acrylics but much healthier regarding the removal process. The extension is made of cured gel and can be soaked off. No filing is needed. Gel X will most likely not cause any harm to the natural nail bed as acrylics would.

Gel Builder $60
Dipping Powder $55
Dipping Powder with Tip Extension $60
French Dip $70
Ombre $70
Acrylic Powder and Gel Polish $60
Powder Colors $65
Pink and White $70


Gel X $60
Gel Builder $55
Acrylic Powder and Gel Polish $50
Powder Colors $55
Pink and White $65


Original Pedicure $45

Cuticle Care, Fresh sea salt scrub exfoliation, massage with lotion, warm towel and polish application.

Pedicure Inbox $60

Cuticle care, sea salt soak, callus remover, gel treatment and paraffin wax, massage with lotion, warm towel, and polish application.

Jelly Spa Pedicure $80

Soak with crystal jellies, cuticle care, callus remover gel treatment, scented salt exfoliation, mud masque, hot towel wrap, butter, and paraffin wax massage with hot stone and polish application.

Lily's Natural Pedicure (Green Tea, Lavender or Eucalyptus) $100

Green tea is full of powerful antioxidants promoting anti-aging and improving your overall health.

Lavender promotes relaxation and is believed to treat anxiety, and depression.

Eucalyptus is widely used for its medicinal properties. Its scent is believed to decrease symptoms of stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

This service includes: Foot soak, nail care, sugar scrub, callus remover, mask wrap in hot towels, paraffin wax, hot stone, lotion and oil massage with one of our favorite scents.

Add On

Gel Polish $15
French Polish $10
Gel Polish Removal $15
Dip or Arcylic Removal $20
Callus Removal $10
Gel Polish Change $35
Regular Polish Change $20
Paraffin $10
Design $5 +
Special Artificial Shape $10 +
Buff & Shine $5
Nail Repair $5 +
5 Minutes Massage $10


Gel Polish Removal $10
Gel Polish Change $25
Regular Polish Change $15

Kids Under 10

2 Free Designs for kids
Classic Mani & Pedi $40
Classic Manicure $20
Classic Pedicure $25